US History

  • Regents U.S. History & Government

    Miss Gallo


    Many people view history merely as a set of dates and facts to be memorized, but history is much more than that. History is an organic and ever-changing discipline, periodically discovering new evidence and revising old commonly held beliefs. It’s not enough to learn history itself; one must learn from history the true essence of the human experience. This course is designed with that purpose in mind.

    The ultimate goal of this course is preparation for the New York State Regents U.S. History and Government Exam in the spring. Through this course, students will be provided with practical knowledge of U.S. history and government, practice in critical thinking and literacy skills, and experience in effective writing techniques that will better prepare them for not only the Regents Exam but also their future education. This course is divided into periods of time and emphasizes themes throughout American history. These themes include the American identity, economic evolution, social change, and foreign policy. This will be a highly structured class that assists students in mastering the content and preparing to successfully complete the Regents Exam. Hard work and dedication will be essential to success.

    Course Objectives

    Students will be able to:

    Demonstrate a mastery of a broad body of historical knowledge

    Use historical evidence to defend and support basic arguments and positions

    Differentiate between various social and political movements in America

    Interpret and draw conclusions from various pieces of historical data including original documents, cartoons, graphs, etc.

    Demonstrate an effective use of analytical skills of evaluation, cause-and-effect relationships, and compare and contrast

    Work effectively in groups to produce products, make presentations, and solve problems

    Prepare for and receive a passing score on the New York State Regents U.S. History



     Homework:               I do not accept late homework, unless it is an excused absence.


    Class Evaluation

    Students will be graded based on the following breakdown:

    Engagement: Homework, in-class assignments, reaction papers, document exercises (when applicable), and participation in classroom discussions

    Quizzes: Weekly reading quizzes and pop quizzes,

    Projects: Special projects, document-based question (DBQ), short answer essays (when applicable), and thematic essays

    Unit Assessments: Completed unit tests, mid-term and final exams.


     Absences:                 It is your responsibility to make up missed assignments, tests, quizzes, etc., otherwise a zero will be averaged into your 10-week average for each missing item.

    -          When a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to seek out and obtain any missing assignments, handouts, or notes.  All handouts can be found in the drawer on the table next to the door of the classroom.  Ask a classmate for any notes missed.

    -          If absent on the day that an assignment is due, the student is expected to turn in the assignment immediately upon his or her return to school.

    -          If a student is absent on a day when a quiz or test is taken, the student needs to make it up within three consecutive school days during 10th period or during a study hall.  Please see me upon return to make any necessary arrangements.

    -          A reminder that students with excused absences can also recover the two-point participation grade for that absence.  (Please see me upon return to make any necessary arrangements.)


    Classroom Rules:  It’s important that we have an atmosphere in our classroom where

                                  each person has the best possible chance to succeed.  These rules

                                  will help our classroom achieve this goal:

                              1.       FOLLOW DIRECTIONS.

                              2.       BE PROMPT- (IN YOUR SEAT WHEN THE BELL RINGS.)


                              4.       BE PREPARED, ATTENTIVE, AND PRODUCTIVE.

                              5.       BE POLITE (REFRAIN FROM DRINKING OR EATING IN CLASS).

                              6.       REMAIN IN YOUR SEAT UNTIL THE TEACHER DISMISSES YOU.


    Test Policy

    Students will be tested at the end of each unit. All tests consist of multiple-choice questions and an essay. Students will be given the date of the test 4-5 days ahead of time. Notes, worksheets, and textbooks should be used to study from but are not allowed for the test.

    Quiz Policy

    Students will be quizzed on the material at least once a week. All quizzes will be graded. Students should review notes every night (5 min.) to prepare for these quizzes. Students will be given ample notice for each quiz. I do not give surprise quizzes often.


    Assignment Heading

    ALL assignments MUST have the following heading on EVERY assignment:





    Failure to have the proper heading will be a deduction of 1 pt. from the assignment.


    What are some things I can do to help myself succeed?

    1. BE POSITIVE and have a positive attitude in class. If you try, you will succeed.

    2. BE RESPECTFUL of yourself and others, value diversity of thoughts, beliefs, and opinions.

    3. BE PREPARED by reading your materials and completing all assignments on time. I can’t help you learn if you won’t help me teach.

    4. BE HONEST by talking with Miss Gallo about improving. I am here to help you do your personal best.

    5. BE RESOURCEFUL There may be something to help you understand the material better. You just have to look.

    6.  NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES If Miss Gallo sees a cell phone or iPod out, district policies will be followed (Please see agenda for the district policies).