Spanish 4 Honors


    Course Outline                                                Spanish 4H                                            Señora Petrie                                                 Grade 11

    e-mail: (I will not check on weekends)


    **This course is by teacher recommendation

    Materials needed:

    * Spiral notebook

    * Folder or binder for handouts. You will receive MANY

    handouts and supplementary materials. You are expected

    to keep them and have them organized.

    * Pens and Highlighters

    * Index cards for notes and oral presentations



    En Contacto: "Gramática en acción"

    En Contacto:"Lecturas intermedias" (when needed)


    The objective of this class is to increase your fluency,

    pronunciation, and develop your ability to speak more

    spontaneously. Questions and comments are to be made in



    Office Hours:

    Tuesday and Thursday, 10th period


    Evaluation and Grading:

    * Group and individual oral presentations

    * Grammar/vocabulary quizzes and tests

    * Homework and reading assignments



    Course Content:

    * Review of grammar and previously learned verb tenses

    * History and culture of several Spanish speaking countries

    * Hispanics in the United States/ Immigration

    * Current events

    * Art

    * Readings, short stories, excerpts


    There is no final exam. There will be a project as a final assessment.  It will include a Written and Oral component.