Spanish 5 Honors

  • Spanish 5 Honors

    Grade 12

    Mrs. Petrie

     e-mail:  (I will not check on the weekends)

    Textbooks: En Contacto: Gramática en Acción

                     En Contacto: Lecturas Intermedias (when needed)


    By the end of the year, the students will be able to: utilize (listen, speak read and write) all the verb tenses in Spanish in a more fluent and spontaneous manner.  They will also be more culturally proficient.

    Grammar topics:

    Review (usage and grammar) of the following verb tenses and moods:

    Present, Preterite, Imperfect, Present and Past Progressive, Future, Conditional, Present and Past Subjunctive, Present, Past, Future and Conditional Perfect tenses.



    Third person interview

    Music video

    Holiday traditions

    Cooking show

    Informal conversation topics


    Current Events:  Various topics from the Spanish-Speaking world using on-line periodicals and news sources


    Music:  Traditional and Popular Hispanic music and artists


    Novel:  La Casa en Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros



    History, Culture and Traditions of Spain

    Traditional Foods and Holidays

    Cervantes Biography and excerpt from Don Quijote de la Mancha

    Thematic Vocabulary

    Cross-Curricular project: Children’s story book about a “class created” character. 


    CLEP examination preparation and review for college credit (6 or 9 credits).  The class will be scheduled duringthe  Exam week in June.  There ss a fee to the College Board for this exam and an administrative fee.  This exam is off-site and computer based.  It is Listening and Reading.


    Extra Credit is offered on a LIMITED basis and only when inquired by the student.


    Class Participation Grade: all students receive a participation grade for every day they are in attendance.  A point will be deducted if the student is absent and the class is NOT MADE up (10th period).


    Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday (N-13)


    Supplies needed:

    A multiple subject spiral notebook

    Blue/black pen

    A STURDY pocket folder or binder

    Index Cards (for presentations)