Participation in Government


    Participation in Government







     Materials needed for class: 

    Composistion notebook

    Notebook of your choice for daily use. 


    Email: ( I will respond to your email as soon as possible within the school day)

    Academic Learnoing Lab: Thursday 2:30- 3:10

    *At this point I am waiting from the State on guidance foratrd Meetings. I will update this page as soon as possible. 


    The class consists of three strands:



    I.                   Issue-based approach. The backbone of this class is Issue analysis that can be used as a basis for inquiry, discussion, and writing throughout this course. These steps involve issue formulation, background research, evaluation of alternative responses.





    II.                Knowledge for Effective Citizenship.  What do our students really need to know about civics to be effective citizens?





    III.             Community-based Learning.  Experience civics firsthand and to learn how to access and use community-based resources.





    Major Requirements:             


                       Attend one school/town Board meeting.


                       Write a paper on the meeting’s proceedings


                       Take final exam in January.


                        Have an overall average of 65 or above.


    More on this below.







    This class is required in New York State.  So, unless you plan on moving soon you must pass this class!


    What else is required? 

    Pass both marking periods. 

           What does it take to pass? 

    Complete all homework on time.  Homework will not be accepted late!!!!!

    Study for quizzes and test!!!!!

    We will have a test after each unit.  (You must read the assigned chapters)

    We will have a quiz on vocabulary words and on sections from each chapter.  (You must study) (These are easy points and they help build up your average if you do well)


    You must complete required research papers.

     Do not cut and paste

    I will be using to check.


    You must keep a vocabulary section in your notebook.  (You will use this to study for your Final exam)


    The word participation is in the title of this class so you must participate!

    I will grade you for participation!  Five points a day!!

    What is participation?

    First let’s look at what is NOT participation:




    Not actively involved in class

    Not working on assigned task (working on math  L)

    Playing games or looking at prom dresses in the computer lab.

    I am always watching (remember “1984”) I may not say anything to you, but you will not earn participation points that day. 


    You don’t have to physically talk during class conversations to earn points, but you must be an active participant by listening. 


    You must attend one Town board meeting during the first ten weeks and write a three page paper on that experience.  This is a GRADUATION REQUIREMENT.  If it is not completed on time you will NOT GRADUATE!!!!!!!!


    EXAM:  In January/June we will take an exam based on the material we covered this semester.  This is twenty percent of your final grade. 


    That’s IT!!   Only thing left is to WALK ACROSS THE STAGE


    Best way to communicate