• Course Name-Academic Support

    Teacher- Jamie Dannhauser

    Grade Level- 9

    School Year 2017-18

    Course Objective/Goal

    1. To develop appropriate study and organizational skills, this will promote achievement in the regular class.
    2. To meet the academic and social needs of students through an individualized program.
    3. To facilitate student independence and responsibility in completing regular class assignments.
    4. To foster feelings of self-esteem and success within the regular classroom.


    Course Content/Major Topics

                Academic Support is a supplemental instruction program that provides additional assistance to reinforce the student’s regular classroom instruction and remediate deficient skill areas.  A daily program of instruction is specially designed to meet each student’s academic and social needs.  A variety of teaching methods and materials are developed based on assessments, annual goals, and short-term objectives as stated in the student’s individualized education plan (IEP).  Contact and feedback from regular classroom teachers play an important part in the development of the supplement program. 


    Textbook and Other books Used

                The regular classroom textbook along with a variety of reference materials, study guides, computer programs, and remedial approaches are used due to the diverse abilities and learning styles of each student.

    Classroom Policy

    Headings for papers

    As required, as per regular classroom teacher’s request.


    Materials Necessary For Class

                Students will bring all study materials to class.  This includes pens, pencils, assignment notebooks, textbooks, assignments, projects, etc. that require assistance and/or support.  Many study guides and review materials will be provided by the teacher.


    Homework Policy (Quantity, frequency, expectations)

                If students are not able to keep up with classroom assignments and homework assigned by the regular teacher, I will call home to inform the parent/guardian and assign the student to stay during Activity Period to get caught up and receive assistance.


    Computation Of Grades (Tests, projects, homework, notebooks, etc., and the “weight” they carry)

                Students will receive a grade of satisfactory (S) or unsatisfactory (U) based on their participation in the academic support class and their behavior during class.


    Making Up Work When Absent

                Students are responsible for obtaining all work from classroom teachers when absent.


    Behavior In Class

              Students are expected to be respectful of their teacher and fellow students.  Assignments are to be completed as per the teacher’s instructions with little disruption during the period.  Participation in the academic support class will be rewarded with time to complete independent assignments and receive individualized help from the instructor.


    Additional Comments

                Please contact me at any time with questions or concerns. (716) 625-7272 ext. 6633,