COURSE NAME: Precalculus

    DEPARTMENT: Math  


    High School:  Starpoint       

    Instructor:  Mr. Ben Scaffidi                                  

    Telephone: 716-625-7272 ext. 6621             


    Office Hours: Monday and Tuesday (Wednesday alternate)


    Required Material:

                Textbook:  Blitzer: Precalculus (2th ed.), Prentice Hall, ISBN:0-13-101475-7

                Calculator:  TI-83 or TI-84


    Starpoint Mission Statement:

    The Starpoint Central School District, serving five communities, provides opportunities that challenge and empower students to reach their maximum potential.


    Course Description:

    Precalculus is an expansion of essential topics necessary for success in calculus at the university level. Topics include, but are not limited to: Functions (including exponential and logarithmic), Trigonometry, Systems, Conic Sections, Matrices, Sequences, Limits, and Continuity.


    Method of Teaching:

    We encourage the use of partners in class and will use them regularly to review old material and springboard new material. We believe it is very helpful to learn from each other as well as from your teacher. If you are able to teach it, you know it. Doing homework is essential for success. Solutions will be supplied following each assignment and your active engagement will help the learning process. The classroom is an interactive place where your insight and perspective is important and you should feel free to give input to the lessons on a daily basis. Spiraling in old material will be part of the daily routine. Quizzes are an important part of your study. All assessments should be kept as parts of your notes. It is strongly advised that you use old quizzes and homework as practice for exams and tests. Looking over math material is not adequate for quality performance on assessments. Students of mathematics must “run the plays” and re-work problems. Practice makes better and should not be taken for granted.



    At regular intervals throughout the semester, several methods of assessment will be used to determine student mastery of the content including quizzes and chapter tests. Your grade will be based on total points earned/total possible points. Homework will be given most nights.  Two points will be deducted from the possible homework points for each missing or unsatisfactory homework.

    Outline of Course:  All dates and assignments are tentative and subject to change (provided to students).

    Requirements of Course:

    Textbook information: Blitzer: Precalculus (2th ed.), Prentice Hall, ISBN:0-13-101475-7. The textbook is provided by the school.

    1. Materials for Class: Students are expected to take notes. Homework is an important part of that and all homework should be kept for study purposes. Solutions to homework will be provided the day following the assignment and corrections should be noted. Students may use a three-ring binder or spiral notebook. It should be noted that handouts will be given and should be kept as reference material. How the student does this is their prerogative. A folder or such is recommended.
    2. Calculator:  TI-83 or 84 is used almost daily. Students should have their own, however there is a class set available for those who don’t have their own.
    3. Attendance Policy:  Students are expected to be in class everyday. Students are responsible for all material missed during an absence. Any quiz or tests missed will be made up upon return. If the absence is for more than one day, equal days will be granted to make up the missed work.
    4. Grading Policies and Procedures:  Your Starpoint grade will be based on total points earned/total possible points (quizzes, tests, homework/participation). Two points will be deducted from the possible homework/participation points for each missing or unsatisfactory homework. Grades will be uploaded to eSchool and available for inspection by the student or parents. Any discrepancies should be brought to my attention as soon as possible so adjustments can be made.


    Academic Integrity

    Academic honesty – being honest and truthful in academic settings, especially in the communication and presentation of ideas – is required to experience and fulfill the mission of Starpont High School. Academic dishonesty – being untruthful, deceptive, or dishonest in academic settings in any way – subverts Starpoint’s mission, harms faculty and students, damages the reputation of the school, and diminishes public confidence in education.  

    All members of the Starpoint community share the responsibility for creating conditions that support academic integrity. Students must abstain from any violations of academic integrity and set examples for each other by assuming full responsibility for their academic and personal development, including informing themselves about and following the Starpoint’s Code of Conduct.

    Violations of academic integrity include but are not limited to the following categories: cheating; plagiarism; fabrication; falsification or sabotage of research data; destruction or misuse of Starpoint’s academic resources, alteration or falsification of academic records; academic misconduct; complicity; and copyright violation. This policy applies to all courses, program requirements, and learning contexts in which academic credit is offered, including experiential and service-learning courses, and the like.

    Please refer to the Code of Conduct.

    Students with Disabilities

    All students with special needs addressed in an IEP or 504 plan should make the instructor aware of such needs.


    Counseling Services and Academic Support

    Counseling services and support are available through Starpoint Student Services. Please make an appointment with your assigned counselor should the need arise.