Algebra1 (B)

  • Class:  Algebra 1 (B)                                                                                    

    Teacher: Mr. Ben Scaffidi                                      




    This class will be the second half of a two year program designed to prepare the student for the Algebra I Regents Exam.  The primary focus is on continuing to develop the students’ algebra skills.  Topics to be covered this year include linear, exponential, polynomial, and quadratic equations and functions, along with the modeling of those equations and functions.  A review of statistics, sequences, and regression curves is also included.



    The following materials should be brought to class everyday:

    -three ring binder                    -pen and pencil

    -pocket folder                         -calculator

    -loose leaf paper                      -red pen

    -graph paper                           


    Students should place notes in a three ring binder.  A pack of loose leaf paper and a pack of graph paper should be purchased at the beginning of the year to use as needed throughout the class.  It is preferred that you use pencil in math class so that mistakes can be easily corrected.  It would be best to bring your own graphing calculator: TI-83 or TI-84 models.



    Grades will be based on the sum of the total points for each graded assignment.  Graded assignments will include homework sheets, online homework, quizzes, and tests.  Work that is to be completed online must be done before the due dates, no late work is accepted.  Completing all online assignments is paramount to having good grades.

    Grade percentage = (Earned Points/Total Points) x 100. 



    Homework will be assigned three to five times during a typical school week.  The purpose of homework is to review and practice those items necessary for success in the course and on the Algebra I Regents Exam.  Students are expected to attempt to complete every problem in the assignment.  Points are awarded each week for class preparation, participation and completion of daily assignments (often homework sheets aligned with the notes).  Answers will be reviewed and corrected in class.  Daily homework assignments will not be accepted late.




    1. Respect and courtesy are always essential in both words and actions. Students are expected to act in a mature manner.


    1. Be on time for class. Daily homework assignments will not be checked if a student is late for class, and a zero homework/participation grade for that day will be given.


    1. Be prepared for class with all needed materials and assignments. Participate!


    1. Be organized. Maintain accurate notes and use your agenda to record assignments.  All assignments should be completed neatly and carefully or they will not be graded.


    1. No cell phones, iPods, AirPods, or Chromebooks should be used during instruction. Nor should they be used to receive or distribute information that would compromise the integrity of subject work.


    1. Do your best!



    Students missing class for any reason are required to make up that work upon their return to school.  Notes given that day can often be obtained from Google Classroom.  Tests will be announced a few days in advance.  Students who miss a test or quiz should be prepared to take it on the day they return.  Due dates for online assignments are not extended due to absence.  Chromebooks should always allow access to complete these. 


    **        Each individual student is responsible for being up to date with all their work.   ** 



    **        Students not following acceptable classroom policies and procedures, or violating any other school rules, both in-person and online, will be written up. 


    **        All students will take the Algebra I Regents Exam in June.


    **        Be sure to email with any questions. 


    **        Students will be invited to join Google Classroom at the start of the year.