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    Assignments for March-April 2020 school closure:

    **Please see Castle Learning for online review materials to complete.  Thank you.**

    For all Castle Learning assignments just do your best on each question.  Use pen and paper to write out work where necessary.  If you happen to get it wrong the first time, use the Hint and adjust your answer for a second try.  When you finish each problem whether you got it right or wrong, it is a good idea to read the Reason section they give you for the problem so you learn a little something for next time.  The Vocabulary terms listed with each problem are also very good to go over for review.  Take your time, do not rush through them.


    **Attention - please email me at BScaffidi@starpointcsd.org if you do not have access to your class's Google Classroom page so I can send you an invite code - thank you**


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