Drug & Alcohol Abuse


    Do You Need Help?

    The high school years are just as difficult for parents as they are for kids with the constant worry about grades, friends, and social dangers that lurk around every corner of our culture.  Are you afraid your son or daughter is experimenting with drugs or alcohol?  Click here to answer questions to see what you should do next, or click here if you know you need help with dependency.

    Alcohol Abuse

    According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 51% of Americans aged 12 and over have used alcohol in the past 60 days.  Take this quiz to see if you or your child is at risk.

    Synthetic Marijuana

    The most recent epidemic within the drug culture is "synthetic" or "designer" drugs.  The most popular names for synthetics are bath salts, k2, spice, and potpourri.  Click on the heading to learn more about this extremely dangerous risk to our teens.


    Common questions parents ask KED counselors.  At the bottom of this link is Jessica Sherman's email address.  She is the director of the Face-to-Face program and can answer any and every question you might have about dependency. 

    About KEDS

    In 1991, Renaissance House accepted it’s first client, and since then has helped over a thousand teens suffering from chemical dependency. Between 1995 and 2001, they expanded their treatment programs by constructing two community residences and a resource center. The Resource Center is utilized for academic instruction, GED/College preparatory classes and community in-service trainings.


    The Campus Design houses the following:

    • Renaissance House – 30 Residential rehabilitation for adolescent boys ages 12-17
    • Stepping Stones – 16 Residential rehabilitation for adolescent and young women ages 12-20
    • Promise House – 16 Residential rehabilitation for young men ages 18-20
    • Academic Center – Classroom and Gymnasium
    • Resource Center – ADDSF offices, classroom, and the campus support programs

    Additional Resources

    Check Yourself-A tremendous resource containing quizzes, FAQs, information, stories, and a chat room to help find the information or treatment you may need.  A highly recommended website.
    The Partnership for Drugfree.org is a nation-wide organization whose goal is to "help parents prevent, intervene, and find treatment for their children."

    ProjectKnow- National organization with the goal of helping to identify and help alcohol abusers

    Time to Talk- Provides easy-to-use guides and tips to help you have ongoing conversations with your kids to keep them healthy and drug-free.


    Contact Us

    If you are still unsure, or have more questions that need to be answered, please contact your son or daughter's school counselor.  We also have a tremendous support staff in the high school, led by our school psychologist and our social worker.