Course Expectations

  • MATH 7/MATH 7A

    Mrs. Slack

    Class Requirements and





    1 1 ½” 3-ring black binder

    4 folders with pockets (no prongs needed, any color)

    1 pack of 5 dividers                              

    Optional      TI-34 Multi-view scientific calculator 




    Mrs. Slack:



    Team Polar Bears:

    Mrs. Slack 625-7272 ext. 5616 



    Tuesdays and Thursdays



    Homework assignments will be given regularly.  Homework completion is ESSENTIAL to your grade.  It is very good practice of what you learned that day..  If you want to achieve success in math class, you MUST complete all of your homework assignments to the best of your ability and turn it in on time.  All assignments will be due the following day, unless told otherwise.  Each homework assignment is worth 2 points.

    2 points     -    Turned in on time, in pencil, complete with the appropriate work, and to the best of  your ability.

    1 point      -    Turned in late, in pen, with no work, or  incomplete.

    0 points     -    Turned in not at all.



    We will be completing a spiral review at the beginning of every class.  These assignments will review previous material and basic skills.  They will be given at grade at the end of each week.





    There will be two tests every Module.  One test will be in the middle of the module and the other at the end of the module.  

    • I will announce when the test will be about 1 week ahead of time.  It will be written on the calendar in the back of the room and posted on my website.

    • Tests must be done in PENCIL. (NO PEN ALLOWED)

    • You will have 1 week to make up a test that was missed due to an absence from school.

    • All tests, regardless of the grade, must be taken home and signed by a parent/guardian.  This will be worth a 5-POINT HOMEWORK grade.

    • Each student also has the opportunity to earn back credit on each test.  Up to 25% of the points missed on the test can be earned back by turning in completed corrections on the questions that were marked incorrect.


    P.O.W.  (Problems of the week)


    Every week we will have a Problem of the Week that will be an OPTIONAL assignment that can be done for extra credit.  It must be turned in by Friday at 2:30pm.







    If you are absent from class, you will still be required to check Google Classroom and complete the assignment by the due date.  If any issues arise, please contact your teacher by email.





    Your final grade for each marking period will be based on test scores, quiz scores, homework assignment scores, and any projects.  I will be using a point system to determine your grade.

    Math 7A - Students must maintain an overall average of at least 85% to continue in Advanced Math in 8th grade.




    • Come to class on time and prepared.

    • Be respectful to both your teachers and peers.

    • Raise your hand and wait to be called on.  DO NOT shout out the answers.

    • Only positive comments will be heard in the classroom.  Any negative remarks will not be tolerated.

    • Actively participate during each class period.

    • Noise levels should be appropriate to the activity.

    • There is no throwing of objects in the classroom.

    • All work that is handed in must be in PENCIL.

    • There is no writing on the desks.

    • You are not allowed to leave the classroom to go to the bathroom or use the drinking fountain or go to your locker UNLESS it is an emergency.  You must have your Agenda Book with you.


    We expect that each student in my classroom will follow these ruleseveryday of the school year.

    If so, this will be a very productive year!!