Course Expectations



    Homework assignments will be given regularly.  Homework completion is ESSENTIAL to your grade.  It is very good practice of what you learned that day in class.  If you want to achieve success in math class, you MUST complete all of your homework assignments to the best of your ability and turn it in on time.  All assignments will be due the following day, unless told otherwise.  Each homework assignment is worth 2 points.


    2 points      

    Turned in on time, in pencil, neatly done, complete, and to the best of your ability.


    1 point        

    Turned in after the period that it is due, during 12thperiod, in pen, poorly done, or incomplete.


    0 points        

    Turned in 2 or more days late, no work shown, or not at all.






    There will be a major test at the end of every unit.


    • Tests must be done in PENCIL. (NO PEN ALLOWED)
    • You will have 1 week to make up a test that was missed due to an absence from school.
    • All tests, regardless of the grade, must be taken home and signed by a parent/guardian.  This will be worth a 5-POINT HOMEWORK grade.
    • Each student also has the opportunity to earn back credit on each test.  Up to 25% of the points missed on the test can be earned back by turning in completed corrections on the questions that were marked incorrect.






    There will be a state assessment in May.  It will cover all of the topics from September to May. 



    There will be a final exam in May that will include all of the material covered from September until May.