Philosophy Of Education

      Just as no two snowflakes are exactly alike, neither are any two students. Each and every child is a unique and special individual. Attention must be given to student's individuality. Children have strengths and weaknesses in both how they learn and demonstrate that which they have learned. Every student is entitled to be provided with the means necessary to enable them to reach their potential.
     It is my responsibility to assess the learning needs of my pupils. Learning experiences that are conducive to student's individual learning styles are then provided. Within each lesson it is imperative to incorporate various learning styles. This assures each student has received the content to be learned in a way that they are best able to assimilate the information.
     In the same way that each child has their own unique way of learning, each is also unique in the way that they best demonstrate what they have learned. It is my responsibility to fairly assess students. To do this a variety of assessments which mirror student's learning styles will be offered.
     In addition to providing instruction and assessment which mirrors student's individuality, each student must be provided with an environment that is conducive to the learning process. This environment is one of mutual respect, where each child is challenged within their own comfort zone. Students must feel confident enough within the classroom regarding content, as well as environment. Taking such risks, pushing one’s self, increases motivation, an essential component to student achievement.