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    Welcome to Mrs. Hamilton's Science Website!!! 
    This website is a way for students to access important team information. It is as well a resource for students to obtain content pertaining to science class that occurred during an absence.  In a pinch it's also a nice spot to come to replace misplaced notes, visuals from class, etc.! There are also animations, games, articles, and links organized by unit, which are related to concepts that we are learning in class.
    We MISSED You- This a section to get notes, activities, and labs done during absences.
    Looking Ahead- Please use this to see a weekly schedule of each day's activities and topics to be covered in class .
    Unit Resources- Here you can find reinforcement and enrichment for each unit in the form of games, quizzes, animations, interactive websites, videos, and articles.
    Lab Skills and Science Activity Snapshots- These are sections where you can read about concepts that we are learning about in class and see your children hard at work.
    Amazing Animals/Enrichment Extra Credit-There are extra credit opportunities available.  Please refer to the Section to the left for the guidelines. (EXTRA CREDIT BEGINS IN OCTOBER)
    NOTICE- Sections have been temporarily inactivated because they are in flux due to our new Hybrid Continuity of Learning Plan.  The majority of communication with students on non-attendance days will take place via my GOOGLE CLASSROOM.  The CODES for students to JOIN BY PERIOD, as well as other important contact information can be found below:
    *  e-mail: rhamilton@starpointcsd.org (I can be reached by e-mail Monday-Friday between the hours of 7:30 and 3:00)
      Phone- You can leave a message for me at 625-7272 (5602)
     *Academic Lab Hours: (students will receive a Google Meets link via TBA):
                                           Period 1- 7:40-8:00 
                                           Period 2- 8:00-8:20
                                           Period 4- 8:40-9:00
                                           Break - 9:20-9:40
                                           Period 6- 9:40-10:00
                                           Period 7-  10:00-10:20
                                           Period 8- 10:20-10-:40
    Starpoint Learning Academy (S.O.L.A.) students: (Students will receive a Google Meets link via TBA)

    *GOOGLE CLASSROOM CODES (Students should USE THE CODE FOR THEIR SCIENCE PERIOD, S.O.L.A. students have their own code :-)) 

                                           Period 1:
                                              Garnet- ysa762h 
                                              Gray-  ipqps4j
                                           Period 2:
                                              Garnet-  uxc66by
                                              Gray-  rcjm5od 
                                           Period 4: 
                                              Garnet-  yom5wuq
                                              Grey-  engf5n7
                                           Period 6:
                                              Garnet-  pw7oiys  
                                              Gray-  47ejkpt 
                                           Period 7:
                                             Garnet-  glwvezw
                                             Gray-  louhivf 
                                           Period 8:
                                              Garnet-  pipdd27
                                              Gray-  7d7vtnz 
                                           Starpoint Learning Academy (S.O.L.A.)-  qo77wwl
     Chalmers even updates the webpage once in a while.  He's quite talented!!  :-)