Commemorative Brick Walkway

  • At the Board of Education meeting on January 25, 2010, the board adopted the following resolution:

    WHEREAS, the graduating class of 1978 would like to initiate the "Commemorative Brick Walkway Project" for all Starpoint graduates:

    WHEREAS, this project, sponsored by the graduating class of 1978, would begin a tradition at Starpoint of allowing graduates to purchase commemorative bricks in remembrance of their high school years and to express their appreciation for the educational foundation they received from the Starpoint Central School District;
    WHEREAS, the funds collected by the district for this project will cover the cost of the commemorative bricks;
    WHEREAS, any funds remaining will be given to the Starpoint Central School District for the benefit of the educational program;
    NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED,  that the Board of Education of the Starpoint Central School district approves the "Commemorative Brick Walkway Project" and the collection and accounting of funds to support such projects.
    Graduates of Starpoint High School are invited to purchase a commemorative brick to be engraved and placed in the flagpole walkway in front of the Starpoint Middle School.  Please click on the link below for instuructions on ordering a commemorative brick.

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