Chapter 4 - The Rise of Sumerian City-States

  • Learning Targets:
    • I can observe a problem and brainstorm solutions.
    • I can identify and define academic vocabulary as it relates to Chapter 4 concepts.
    •  I can explain the differences in the geography & environment of Mesopotamia & The Fertile Crescent.
    • I can identify the location of the Fertile Crescent between the Tigris & Euphrates Rivers.
    •  I can identify and explore solutions to challenges and options for farming during Neolithic times.
    •  I can identify problems with an uncontrolled water supply along the Tigris & Euphrates River Valley.
    •  I can explain ways that Sumerians learned to control water flow into the Tigris & Euphrates River Valley.
    • I can examine the use of irrigation systems to foster farming and community development
    •  I can identify and label major places in the Fertile Crescent/Mesopotamia on a map
    •  I can identify and explain how cities worked to protect themselves from outside attack.
    • I can explain the growth of large city-states from small farming villages.
    Chapter 4 Flash Cards

    Chapter 4 Google Slideshow Review

    4.1 - Mesopotamia: What was it? (12 min)

    4.7 - A Look Inside A City-State (3 min)


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