Updated Fall 2019


    Core Subjects:

    This year your child will be enrolled in the following core classes: Math, ELA/Reading, Science & Social Studies. Starpoint Middle Schoool uses an A/B schedule for each semester.  A calendar will be available for students to know which days are A and which are B.  Schedule information is always available through the parent portal.

    Homework Information:

    At Homework may be assigned nightly by multiple teachers. It is the student's responsibility to copy down all assigned homework which will be given by each teacher in their classrooms. Your agenda is a great place to keep track of this information.

    Homework Grades:  As stated above, HW may be given each night by multiple teachers. HW assignments are graded using a rubric. HW may include nightly reading of novels within the modules which we are working with along with Science, Math and Social Studies.


    All students will be provided with a locker in the hallway outside their homeroom. This locker is for the purpose of storing books, clothing and other miscellaneous personal belongings. Lockers can be searched by administration as limited by the law. Students are NOT to share lockers or move their assigned lockers. Students may NOT decorate the outside of their lockers for any reason.  Physical Education clothes and towels should be laundered regularly at home and not left in lockers for long periods of time.  All students will also be given a small physical education locker as well. All of the same rules are expected for these lockers as well.

    Cell Phones:

    Cell phone and other electronic devices should NOT be used during the school day. All phones must be off and placed in their lockers for the duration of the day. Cell phones observed in the classrooms will be confiscated and building retrieval procedures will need to be followed as outlined in your agendas.

    Health Office

    Passes are always required to visit the health office except cases of extreme emergencies.  

    Study Halls:

    If you are assigned a study hall you must report to the room on time and remain quiet for the entire period. There will be NO card playing, music, or non-constructive use of the time permitted. All materials needed for the study hall should be with you at the start of the period.

    Activity Period:

    The 12th period of each day is designated as an activity period. Any student who is asked to remain with a teacher during 12th period must stay. You may only remain in school during 12th period if you have a pre-approved location to be during that time. All students who remain with a teacher during 12th period will receive a bus boarding pass to go home. Students WILL NOT be allowed on the bus without a boarding pass.


    General Information


    If your child is going to be absent and you know in advance, please let the school know. 

    If your child is sick, please call the school and let them know. You may check to web site for homework assignments or email me and I will forward the assignments for the day. Please remember that any work missed in an absence is your child’s responsibility to make up.

    When your child returns to school, please send in an excuse to be handed in the morning they return.

    Concerns and Conferences:

    Our team has an open and consistent line of communication which will help your child to continue to be successful in school. If you have any concerns about anything, please feel free to contact any of us by phone, email or note. I try to check email often. After contacting any of us, please allow us a reasonable amount of time to respond to you.

    Honor Roll and Merit Roll:

    These are published at the end of every marking period. In order for students to be eligible they must earn the following:

    High Honor Roll = 95%

    Honor Roll = 90%

    Merit Roll = 85%