PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION - Mr. Johnson's Educational Philosophy

  • I believe that motivation is the secret to success for every student.  When students have a creative and enthusiastic teacher and class work is related to their lives, they will have a positive educational experience.  When their achievements are recognized, they start believing they can succeed.  As a facilitator of learning, I know that I can provide a solid foundation from which students can grow.  I will also reinforce a positive and safe learning environment that fosters the academic needs of ALL students.

    As a teacher, I will nourish students' curiosity and feed their hunger for knowledge.  Students will be active participants in the learning process, utilizing "hands-on" projects, peer tutoring, cooperative learning, learning styles, and shared decision making.  I will maintain realistic goals and encourage students to take chances and become valued members of the classroom.  I will be a positive role model and leader to my students.  Cooperation with staff, parents, and the community is essential.

    I believe in implementing an effective classroom management system from the first day of school.  Students participation in the creation of precise, positive classroom rules provides the students with meaningful guidelines for proper behavior.  I feel positive reinforcement will help motivate my students and encourage acceptable behavior.

    With the combination of my experiences, creative teaching style, and enthusiastic attitude, I feel confident that I will make a significant contribution to the education of my students.