Syllabus and class info

  • Señora Daniel

    7th grade Spanish

    Supplies every day in school:

    • Folder or accordion style folder
    • Loose leaf paper
    • Pen or Pencil (On occasion colored pencils and highlighters)
    • Earbuds


    • Participation 10% of quarterly average.

      • Participation grades are posted every 5 and 10 weeks on the portal.

    • Homework/Classwork 15% of quarterly average.

      • Late work is always accepted for ½ credit on a quarterly basis.

    • Quizzes 25% of quarterly average.

      • Expect 1 per week.  Corrections are allowed.

    • Unit Tests & Projects 50% of quarterly average.

      • Expect 1 per unit.  No corrections are allowed on Spanish tests.

    Extra help: 

    ✓ Mondays and Thursdays during 9th period. Please sign up so I know you will be attending.  Please be ready to work!

    ✓ Please email me at if you have any questions outside of my assigned academic lab hours. I will do my best to answer all emails before the end of the school day (3:10pm) Monday-Friday.

     Academic and Behavior expectations: In person and remote.

    B= Be on Time.  1st late- verbal warning. 2nd late- in class detention, 3rd late-phone call home, 4th late- referral.

    A= Ask questions.  No question is a “stupid question”. PLEASE ASK ME.

    S= Silence.  When I’m presenting a lesson, when another classmate is asking/answering a question or when an announcement is being made.  THIS IS NOT NEGOTIABLE!

    I= Informed Decisions.  Make smart moves in class and online.  Think before you act, speak and do.  

    C= Character counts!  Be a person of good character in the classroom and online.  Respect, honesty, trust, and citizenship…are all required for a fun and happy experience.


    Online resources:  A list of common websites and platforms used in Spanish class.

    Google classroom: Site where students are assigned work and have access to electronic handouts such as: vocab sheets, grammar explanations, and more. Email me for sign in information if you need help.

    Google meets: Encrypted network used to communicate and video chat with your teacher during online office hours or when extra help is needed.   If on a google meet, please join with your microphone on mute. 

    ✓  G-mail: Email used to communicate with parents, teachers and students.

    Remind App: Students and parents can sign up to receive texts regarding important team information.

    EMC/Passport: Online textbook and ancillary resources such as: vocabulary workbook, grammar workbook, listening workbook and MANY more. Email me for sign in information if you need help.

    Flipgrid: Private platform to facilitate recorded video discussions in Spanish with teachers/classmates.

    Youtube: Video resources that provide cultural awareness and re-teaching tools, as needed.

    Gimkit & Kahoot!: Gaming sites that require knowledge, collaboration and strategy to win.  Used as review after most units or before quizzes/tests.

    Quizlet: Flashcards, games and learning tools used to facilitate the learning of new vocabulary words.  

    Pear deck: Presentation tool used to help with vocab.

    Kami:  Tool that makes any type of document interactive.

    E-schools: Student and parent portal where information is stored containing student contact information, schedules and grades and more.  Let a staff member know if you need help signing in!



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