Why study a language?

    It's one of life's truths: Being bilingual or multilingual can only be considered a good thing! Below are some examples of what you can do with another language:


    • Travel seamlessly in another country.

    • Interact with people you wouldn't otherwise be able to communicate with.

    • Immerse yourself in another culture.

    • Order off a menu and truly know what you're ordering. :)


    Aside from all these reasons, there is a multitude of research showing how speaking more than one language is also good for your health! Particularly, the health of your brain. Here is where the bilingual among us have an advantage:


    •  They have better "cognitive flexibility".

    •  Their brains stay sharper in old age.

    •  As kids, they have a leg up on problem-solving skills.

    •  Their brains are better "switchers".

    •  They can use their ability to think in another language to make better decisions.

    •  They look at certain words in a different way than their monolingual counterparts.

    •  While not immune to Alzheimer's, they may experience a delay in developing the condition.


    As you embark on this new journey of learning a second language, I ask that you be patient with yourself and your classmates.  Enjoy the life-long ride of language acquisition as there will always be something new to learn!


    Read more:  https://easyreadernews.com/learning-a-second-language-why-should-you/


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