All homework for our entire team is now located on Mrs. Igo's website.  This should make looking up homework much easier:)



    The sixth grade homework policy is that all work handed in on time will receive full credit.  Homework turned in one day late will have a reduction of points.  Homework turned in two days late, or more,  will receive a zero.  Students that have been absent, due to illness, will be given extra time to complete work.  Parents, please call our school office at 625-7272, extension #  2203 if your child will be absent 2 or more days.  We can put homework together that you can either pick up or have sent home with a friend or sibling.  This way your child will not get too far behind in his/her work.

    Please use agendas, homework and subject folders to help with organization.  Also, packing backpacks at night is helpful.  You avoid trying to make sure to remember everything on what could be a hectic morning.

    If a student does not hand in his/her assignment on time, he/she is expected to stay 12th period on that day. This will, hopefully, avoid him/her from receiving a zero.