Grading Policy

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    Math Lab & ELA Lab

    Mrs. Halleen


     Math Lab & ELA Lab are programs that were designed to help students not cause them more stress!  

    In Lab classes, students will not all be working on the same concepts - they will be engaging in activities that are specific to their own individual needs.  Thus, students in Math Lab and ELA Lab do not get grades but are tracked based on the level of support needed to complete individualized activities successfully. 

    Student progress will NOT be reported through e-school or on the report card.

    A letter will be sent home at the end of each marking period with one of the comments below which monitors (tracks) the level of support a student needs to complete activities at his/her level. 

    • G = Almost always works independently to complete activities successfully.
    • Y = Requires some teacher support to complete activities with success.
    • R = Requires ongoing teacher support to reach success with our activities.