Math & ELA Lab Classes

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    What Is (AIS/RTI) Math Lab and ELA Lab?

    •Lab classes in the Middle School are Academic Intervention Services (AIS) and/or Response To Intervention (RTI) small group classes. 
    •They are one form of supplemental support services that your child was recommended for by the RTI Team.

    •Lab classes offer differentiated instruction where the focus is on individualizing specific areas of need for each student.

    •Overall Goal - "fill in the gaps" in order to assist your child in achieving “academic growth” both in the classroom and on more formalized tests like STAR, SRI and State Exams while helping your child to develop an increased sense of confidence & self esteem.
    •Objective is NOT to reinforce what is done in the classroom. The focus of Math & ELA Lab classes is to build confidence, revisit skills and develop strategies for areas of weaknesses (taking time to “fill in gaps”) as found using Star, NYS Testing data, & SRI data. 
    •This is done in a non-threatening manner through the use of actively engaging learning activities, partner and cooperative group tasks and learning centers.
    •Lab classes are not used to complete homework assignments from other classes.  With that in mind, I am here to assist students in learning.  If students need extra help they can always stay with me during my 12th period Office Hours on Monday & Tuesday.

    How was my child placed in an AIS/RTI Lab Class?

    •At the Middle School we have an RTI Team that meets several times throughout the year to look at all 6th, 7th & 8th grade students. 
    •The RTI team meets at various times throughout the year to examine student growth and discuss appropriate student services which will promote growth.
    •The RTI Team may consist of your child’s Core Teachers, Lab Teachers, Counselors and Principals.
    Decisions are made collaboratively within the RTI Team about students’ supplemental support services by examining data from various sources:
    • Teacher Recommendations
    • Teacher Observations (Student struggling with classwork or a student who has test anxiety)
    • STAR Math and STAR ELA
    • SRI Lexile Levels
    • State Test Scores 

    *The goal of the RTI Team is to promote ongoing student academic growth for all students!