About Me

  • Statement of Teaching Philosophy

    At a young age, I was introduced to a 35mm camera. My grandfather would take me out on his photo excursions where we would find unique ways of looking at the world. At the same time, we were documenting history showing what it meant to be in the world, at that place in time. Little did I know, these experiences were the beginning of a path to which I would choose to devote my life, teaching art.

    Over my years in schooling, many teachers held certain attributes in common that still stand out in my memory. They presented their subject in a way that captured my attention, they clarified difficult topics and led me through complex areas. I found it encouraging that they were enthusiastic and open-minded. These people, whether they knew it or not left meaningful imprints on my life by simply doing their job well.

    I am one of those teachers who will positively impact students’ lives. I will teach as a knowledgeable art person, one who is open and willing to learn. Students should be able to form their own opinions and ideas, and I will encourage them to do this by being an active listener and participant as I share my knowledge with them. I will show that art is accessible to all, not just the talented few.

    Why do I teach art? In my opinion, there are endless reasons. My students will create work that reflects their world and life. Learning about and making art teaches students to respect one another, find their voice, and envision creative solutions to problems.

    My students will find themselves experimenting, observing and making their own connections. I will explore ideas along side them in and about the world and its cultures.They will be encouraged to embrace diversity, have empathy with others different from themselves and I will seek to inspire them to find their place in the world. I strongly believe that these reasons and actions directly correlate with a person becoming an active citizen in society today.

    There is so much to learn. I am excited to be that teacher who will help students find their potential in the visual arts and who will be teaching along side them for many years to come.