School Social Worker

  • Social workers

    School Social Workers at Starpoint Central School District provide school-based counseling services to those students who demonstrate emotional, behavioral, or social problems that negatively affect his/her academic success.  Social Workers work in collaboration with faculty, staff, parents, community service providers, and area agencies to provide comprehensive services that may include:

    • individual counseling
    • group counseling
    • crisis counseling
    • assessments
    • linkage to outside agencies
    • participation on intervention teams
    • development of Behavior Intervention Plans
    • participation on various building and district committees
    • completion of social histories for the Committee on Special Education
    • participation on the Committee on Special Education
    • consultation with staff members

    The overall goal of school-based counseling services is to support and maintain the student in the least restrictive environment, by improving his/her functioning within the school environment and to assist the student in reaching his/her full potential.

    Liz Tower- School Social Worker