Tax Collector

  • NEW FOR 2022

    In order to better assist our taxpayers, the District has switched the program that is used to collect school taxes.  With the change, taxpayers will be able to click a link, find their tax bill and make a payment using an E-check ($1.50 flat fee) or a credit card (2.65% fee).  Taxpayers will be able to look up a tax bill by entering an address, owner's last name/business name, tax map number or bill number.

    Click this link to pay your tax bill online:

    Please click the link to view detailed instructions on how to pay your tax bill online:  

    Detailed instructions to pay your tax bill online



    Office of the Tax Collector

    Tax Collector - Mary Hillery - 210-2313

    The school district's tax collector position is a part-time position.  All requests for tax receipts will require advance notification of 48 hours.  If you need a school tax receipt for your property, please direct all requests to Please leave the address and/or SBL (Section/Block/Lot) number for the property that you need the receipt for.  A school tax receipt will be forwarded to you as soon as possible.

    School tax payments are collected without penalty through September 30, 2022.  School tax payments made October 1, 2022 through October 31, 2022 must include a 2% penalty charge.  Your payment will not be accepted during October 1, 2022 through October 31, 2022 unless the 2% penalty is included in your payment.

    Any taxes not paid by October 31, 2022 will have an additional 1% interest added as well as an additional 7% penalty added to the bill.  Unpaid tax bills are re-levied on Niagara County Tax bills and collected by Niagara County.

    Please mail your tax payments with the remittance stub to:

    Starpoint Tax Collection

    PO Box 249

    Buffalo, NY 14240-0249

    For all mailed payments, the postmark will determine the date of payment.