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    The Board of Education recognizes and assumes the responsibility for all aspects of the transportation of children wherein the health and safety of students are involved, for the Board of Education has a legal obligation to safeguard the welfare of bus-riding children (Policy 5710).


    Starpoint provides transportation to approximately 3,011 students in grades K-12 to 42 different schools daily.  It is clearly evident that the responsibility for maximum safety and efficiency is to be shared by all members of the community.


    Motorists are advised to:


    1. Maintain sensitivity to the presence of school buses on the highway.
    2. Exercise caution when approaching a school bus from either direction.
    3. Watch closely for signals given by the bus driver, including hand signals, yellow lights, red lights, and turn signals. Remember: No traffic should move from either direction when red flashing lights on the bus are operating. This also includes when buses are loading and unloading at the school.
    4. Stop their vehicles when coming from either direction before reaching a stopped school bus, which has flashing red lights. Allow students to cross the road and wait until the flashing red lights are turned off.
    5. Be aware that school buses come to a full stop at railroad crossings.
    6. Prepare to stop when approaching from either direction, a school bus whose yellow lights are flashing.
    7. Be aware that school buses do not turn right at intersections when the light is red.

    Students are advised to:


    1. Be at the designated bus stop ten minutes before pick up time.
    2. Refrain from pushing, shoving, running or “horseplay” while waiting or getting on or off the bus.
    3. Stand clear and away from the road at all times.
    4. Enter and leave the bus in an orderly manner.
    5. Use the handrail when getting on or off the bus.
    6. Remain seated after entering and while riding the bus.
    7. Keep arms and head inside open windows.
    8. Keep legs, books and other belongings out of the aisle.
    9. Keep conversation in a normal tone of voice; avoid boisterous conduct.
    10. Not eat or drink on the bus.
    11. Cross the road at least 15 feet in front of the bus. Always look both ways and watch for the bus driver’s signal before crossing.
    12. Not play with safety equipment, including the emergency door and windows.
    13. Avoid bringing large objects or pets on the bus. Ex: Hockey sticks, Skate Boards
    14. Not smoke at any time on the bus.
    15. Accept the authority and follow the instructions of the bus driver.
    16. Not tamper with the belongings of other pupils.
    17. Never try to retrieve an object from underneath the bus.

    Private, Charter and Parochial School Transportation- Transportation is provided, as required by law, to private, charter, and parochial schools. The mileage limitation is 15 miles between the student's home and the non-public school.  The mileage is determined by measuring the distance from the student's home to the non-public school by the nearest available, publically maintained route. 


    Request forms for district transportation to these schools are available at our transportation office, Monday through Friday between 8:00 am – 4:30 pm. Forms are also available through this website by clicking on the Non-Public Request for Transportation Form link provided below. All non-public school students who require transportation must submit a request on the proper school district form to the said offices no later than April 1st of each year.



    Transportation to and from Child Care (Baby-sitting) Locations-

    A public or private school student may be picked up and/or dropped off at a day care location (baby-sitter) anywhere within the Starpoint Central School District with the following requirements:


    1. Request forms are provided at the Transportation Department Office and all District Offices.  Forms are also available through this website by clicking on the Request for Transportation Form link provided below. Forms must be completed and returned to either the Transportation Department or school office by July 31 of each year prior to the school year for which transportation is requested.
    2. Parents and /or legal guardians must allow 7 days for processing of the request.
    3. Pick up must be consistent five (5) days per week. No Exceptions. The A.M. and P.M. address may be different as long as it is consistent five (5) days per week.
    4. The specific pick-up or drop-off location can only be changed two (2) times per academic year.
    5.  The location must be on a regularly scheduled bus route for each building. No new bus routes will be established if the addition of that bus route will result in an additional expense to be incurred by the District.

    Daily Bus Schedules – Daily transportation is provided as required by board policy. Pick-up times are routinely within a 10 minute window. It is recommended that your child be outside 10 minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time. Please have children ready to board when the bus arrives. Children not outside for their stop will not be picked up. Buses cannot wait for children that are not ready at their stop, regardless of inclement weather conditions.


    Exam bus Schedules – Bus schedules for exam time, both mid-winter and final exams, operate at the normal AM and PM times. Students that need transportation for PM exams will be picked up during their regular morning bus run. No midday exam buses are provided.




    The District currently uses 8 ZONE buses to transport home Middle and High School students who stay after school (Non-Sporting events).  The entire District has been divided into 8 geographical zones.  Your residence will correspond to one of the 8 zones.  Each of the zone bus drivers have a sign in sheet for students to sign each day when they get on the bus.  The route that each driver will take depends on the locations of the students on the bus for that particular day. 


    If your Middle and/or High School child has to stay after school and will be riding a zone bus home, please be aware that the District cannot guarantee a specific time that your child will arrive home.  If your child has an appointment after school, please have your child let the zone bus driver know as soon as he/she steps on the zone bus.  The driver will make every effort to get your child home as soon as possible.  However, since the District cannot guarantee what time your child will arrive home when riding on a zone bus, we recommend that if your child needs to be home by a specific time, you should make arrangements to pick up your child from school upon the completion of their afterschool activity.



    Transportation Facts


    District size:                                          110 square miles


    District townships:                                 Pendleton, Lockport, Wheatfield, Cambria, and Royalton


    Service provider:                                   Ridge Road Express  


    Number of bus drivers:                          60


    Number of bus aides:                            21


    Bus miles/year:                                      870,495


    Number of vehicles:                               66


    Number of students transported:            3,011


    Number of sites transported to:              42


     The numbers stated above are subject to change for many reasons and are provided as reasonable approximations.


    Questions and/or concerns regarding transportation should be directed to


    Fran Howard, Transportation Coordinator, at 210-2341.


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