(PBIS) Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports Program

  •  Fricano Primary School

    Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS)

    “Bee” a STAR

    What does PBIS mean? 

    Our goal is to help each child develop self-discipline.  Together, the home and school share responsibility for developing good citizens.  Parents, teachers and students must work together to maintain a safe learning environment.  The PBIS program is based upon our philosophy of recognizing the positive contributions of students.

    PBIS means that teachers, administrators, counselors and support staff (i.e. teacher aides, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, custodians, etc.) are going to take responsibility to TEACH positive behavior expectations to students.

    PBIS means that students will know exactly what is expected of them.  Students who take responsibility for behaving positively will be recognized and rewarded in a variety of ways.  Students will also know exactly what consequences will result when they choose NOT to meet the school-wide behavioral expectations (everyone will be on the “same page”). 


     At Fricano Primary School:

    Students will

    Treat everyone with respect

    Always act responsibly

    Remember to be safe


    STAR Student Behaviors:

    1.  Be Respectful

    2.  Be Responsible

    3.  Be Safe

    Student Rewards for Positive Behavior

     1.  “BEE” a STAR Tickets

    “BEE” a STAR tickets are a positive behavior reinforcement indicator that is given to students by any adult at Fricano Primary School.  All staff members will recognize students who demonstrate STAR behaviors with these tickets. 

     2.  “BEE” a STAR Raffle

     Students who earn “BEE” a STAR tickets will place their tickets in a classroom container for weekly and monthly drawings.  On Friday of each week, a name will be drawn from each classroom’s container and those students’ names will be read aloud at our monthly PBIS assemblies.  The students will also get a Fricano Shining Star pin to wear for the following week. Once a month, the name of two students at each grade level who have earned “BEE” a STAR tickets will be drawn for a PBIS t-shirt.  

    3.  Galaxy of Stars

     Students who win a PBIS t-shirt each month will have their picture taken wearing the shirt.  This picture will be displayed on our “Galaxy of Stars” wall in our main hallway.


     Student Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior

    1.  Warning

    A verbal notice will be given to students indicating a violation of school-wide behavioral expectations has occurred.  Students will be given the opportunity to correct the behavior before further action is taken.

     2. Minor Behavior Incident Report

    If a minor behavioral infraction occurs, staff members will complete the “Minor Problem Behavior” section of the Office Referral Form.  An individual conference between the student and staff member will be held to make the student aware of his/her poor judgment regarding a particular incident.  This will provide the opportunity for discussing possible alternatives available for the student to correct the problem.  Students will bring the Office Referral Form home for parent review.  

    3.  Referral to the principal

    If a major behavioral infraction occurs, staff members will complete the “Major Problem Behavior” section of the Office Referral Form and the student will be immediately sent to the principal’s office.  The principal will investigate the incident(s) and determine the appropriate action(s) to resolve the issue.  Additionally, three (3) minor problem behaviors within one month equals a major problem behavior.  All major problem behavior referrals require a parent signature.   

    Behavior expectations are exposed clearly throughout the building.  See the posters below that are posted in the building for children to see all throughout the day.  The expectations on the posters are also discussed in our PBIS assemblies.  


    PBIS Committee Members:

    Adrienne Cohan, Social Worker

    Rebecca Lawrence, Teacher

    Maria Mills, Teacher

    Patrick Root, Teacher


    For more information about our schoolwide PBIS plan, please contact the Fricano Primary School office at (716) 210-2103.    


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