What To Expect In The Fitness Lab?

  • Unlike Physical Education classes, the students attending The Fitness Lab WILL NOT have an opportunity to change into “gym clothes”.  Therefore, on the day that a student’s class is scheduled to attend TFL they should dress comfortably and be prepared to move and be active.

    SNEAKERS ARE REQUIRED.  Laced or Velcro sneakers are a must.  Please no slip-on sneakers.

    DRESS TO MOVE.  T-shirts, shorts, sweat pants or “swishy pants” are also a great idea while in TFL.  Dresses, skirts, or skinny jeans are not appropriate attire for the TFL.  It is a highly active environment.

    NO JEWELRY.  TFL is an active environment.  All jewelry and valuables should be left back in the regular classroom.  This includes ear piercings.  Fitbits are acceptable to wear in class.

    PARTICIPATION.  All students are expected to be prepared and participate to the best of their ability.  A note is required from a parent/guardian if a child is unable to participate  in class.

    REPORT CARDS:  Students will receive grades for preparedness, behavior and effort on their RIS report cards throughout the school year.