Baritone Horns: Rentals, Supplies, Music

  • The Baritone Horn is an instrument that is played by 2-4 students each year in the beginning band program. In most cases, we are able to provide our students with one to use for the year, which eliminates the need for students who play the baritone to rent a instrument. Students who use a school instrument for the year will be required to obtain the following items:
    1. A Baritone Mouthpiece - Baritones and trombones use the same mouthpiece fyi. 
    -There are a couple different options for this: 
       Blessing 12C (best bang for the buck)
       Faxx 12c (cheaper yet still good material and quality)
       Bach 12c (most expensive but a great mouthpiece)

    2. Maintenance supplies such as: valve oil, mouthpiece brush, polishing cloth, slide grease (any employee at a music store can help you with this).