Percussion info: rentals, supplies, music

  • Congratulations on your child being selected to play percussion!

    While being a well-rounded percussionist means learning to play several different instruments, such as snare drum, xylophone, cymbals, bass drum, drum set, timpani, and more, we will be focusing on the snare drum during our lessons in 4th grade. 

    Your child will need to rent (or purchase ) a snare drum percussion KIT.  This kit includes:
    -Snare Drum with drum stand
    -Drum Sticks
    -Practice Pad

    A snare drum will look like this: Snare Drum Kit 

    When you go to a music store you'll find that they rent both a percussion kit that contains just the snare drum and accessories, and also a full kit that also includes a bell set (xylophone).  Like I said earlier, we'll just be focusing on the snare drum so you do not need the kit that also includes the bells. However, if you do rent the kit that includes the bells, your student will likely be able to use the bell portion when he or she enters into the fifth grade band program the following year. A employee at any music store can give you more guidance regarding rentals.


    We will be using a book called "Fresh Approach to the Snare Drum" this year. This book can be purchased/viewed here: Fresh Approach to the Snare Drum


    Private Instructors
    Some parents have expressed interest in private instructors over the summer. I would recommend contacting any of the music stores listed on this page or in the band handbook as our students have had success at several stores.