What is RTI?

  • What is Response to Intervention (RTI)?

    “RTI is Response to InterventionIt is a process of implementing high-quality, scientifically validated instructional practices based on learner need, monitoring student progress, and adjusting instruction based on the student’s response. – Bender & Shores 2007

    Here is what The 3 Tier Literacy Model for RTI looks like:

    Tier 1 involves all students.  Instruction is differentiated in the classroom through the use of flexible grouping, focused, explicit mini lessons, planned purposeful independent-level practice activities and 1:1 conferences.

    Tier 2 is instruction that is provided to any students not meeting district, state, and national benchmarks.  The goal is to reduce the duration of the reading difficulty.  These students are given additional minutes in a small group (3-4) where the intervention is focused on that child’s needsThe RTI team meets regularly to monitor and adjust Tier 2 instruction.

    Tier 3 is intensive, targeted intervention for any student who has made little or no progress after receiving 10-20 weeks of Tier 2 intervention.  The goal for these most at risk learners is to reduce the complications related to a specific learning issue.  The RTI Team will also meet regularly to monitor and adjust Tier 3 intervention.