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    (Social Studies)

    Slang Meaning Search

    Google Doc reading on Consumerism 




    Test Corrections due today!



    Chapter 1


    Chapter 2


    Chapter 3 Chapter 4&5 None


    (Math 8)


    HW #73: Angle Review 




    HW #74: Angle Sum of a Triangle and Exterior Angles of Triangles


    HW #75: Angles and Parallel Lines (day 1) Quizlet

    Test #4 retakes are due today!


    HW #76: Angles and Parallel Lines (day 2) 



     HW #77: Angles and Parallel Lines (day 3) 






    HW #85: Exploring the Symmetry of Graphs of a Quadratic Function (day 2)





    HW #86: Graphing Quadratics From Factored Form




    Finish Chapters 8 & 9 Review Desmos for a grade!

    Obj 15: Solving Quadratic Functions

    Obj 16: Application of Quadratic Functions

    Obj 17: Graphing Quadratic Functions

    No new assignment

    Work on missing assignments


    HW #87: Completing the Square (day 1)





    tsunami questions  Work on project  Work on project  Work on project  Work on project 


    (Earth Science)

    Finish tsunami questions 

    Atmosphere questions

    Temp convertions 

    No HW  The phases of water WS  CL - Intro Weather 



    P. 221 #30 A in the unit 8 packet P. 222 in the unit 8 packet

    Irregular passé composé wordwall and study for irregular passé composé quiz.  

    BAGS adjectives quizlet flashcards BAGS adjectives wordwall



    P. 210 #11 and p. 211 #13 in the unit 8 packet   P. 211 #14 and p. 132 in the unit 8 packet  and study for unit 8 b2 vocabulary quiz.  P. 213 # 16 in the unit 8 packet   No homework Unit 8  crossword puzzle