Welcome to Mr. Moore's Algebra II Class
  • I strongly encourage you to reach out by email, remind or through google classroom with any questions or concerns as they arise. I will attempt to respond within 24 hours.

    The Algebra II course structure will allow for a certain amount of group work, direct instruction, and guided practice. However, a student's success is a direct reflection on their efforts. Students that struggle are encouraged to enroll in a lab period (if not already in one) to provide homework and content help.  If you are interested in a lab, reach out to your guidance counselor.  All students, regardless of the course, are encouraged to ask questions and attend office hours as needed. Beginning the second week of school, peer tutors will be available in the upper ALC (floor above the library).

    I am excited to meet you.  I am confident we will find success together!

    Mr. Moore’s email: dmoore@starpointcsd.org