• Hello Kindergarten families! My name is Sandra Flores and I have been here at Fricano Primary School since 2000. Of those years, most of them have been in Kindergarten.  I love teaching Kindergarten and I am so excited about being your child's teacher this year!
    A few things about me...
    I am married to my wonderful husband, Robert, and we have three wonderful and very active boys. My older boys, Robbie and Miguel are both in high school.  They are honor students and they play football and run track.  My youngest is Enrique and he is in elementary school. He takes swim lessons, martial arts, plays soccer and thinks he is the best at miniature golf!  LOL!  We also have Chica (the only girl in the family) who is a  mini-labradoodle.
    Fun facts about Mrs. Flores
    I love to swim.  As a child and teen, I swam in a synchronized swim team called the Aquettes.  I participated in competitions all over the country and even swam in the junior olympics.  I love sports. I played softball for many years, ran track & field and cross country too.   I  love camping and the outdoors! I have been camping since I was a kid. Now my husband and I have a camper and we love to take our family camping.
    Some of my favorite things
    color- pink
    book-If you give a Mouse a Cookie
    season- summer
    flower- I love all flowers, but pink roses are my favorite
    food-fruit- I especially like cherries, berries and watermelon
    activities- shopping, going out to eat, watching movies, swimming, camping, being outdoors, hanging out with my family and friends
    My philosophy/ reflection on teaching Kindergarten
     I love teaching Kindergarten.  I try to make learning engaging and fun.  I want all of my students to feel safe and secure to take risks and learn in my class. I want my students to feel loved and cherished. I pride myself on making my classroom an environment that promotes participation, kindness, respect, responsibility, safety and, most of all, teamwork.  We are a school family. Every child is important and should feel welcome and special.  Every child has something to share and to contribute. In J-9, we work, learn and play together. If someone needs help, we all pull together to support that friend.  I try to reinforce empathy, care and compassion in my room. I always teach my kids the golden rule- to treat others the way they would want to be treated. I feel that this promotes overall good character.  I also believe it is important to teach children to be independent  and encourage individuals to put forth their best effort to do their personal best.  These are fundamental in setting kids up to be successful life learners and provide a strong foundation for their academic journey.  I want my parents to feel comfortable reaching out to me anytime with any questions or concerns they might have.  I believe that when we are a team in supporting the kids' education it benefits all involved.