• Mrs. Flores’s Homework Policy


    Many factors influence the healthy development of a child.  Homework plays an important role in academic progress. Research shows that homework helps reinforce skills learned in school, develops positive work habits, gains responsibility, and enhances student achievement. 

    Homework should be an additional practice of skills that are understood.  It is a perfect time for your child to “teach you” what they have been learning in a stress-free environment.  Each night is an opportunity to talk with your child about their day, practice sight words, and READ together.

    Sometimes activities will come home for families to complete together, or for the student to complete independently.  At the Kindergarten level, it is very important to help your child become independent.  Please focus on:

    • dressing for each season
    • shoe-tying
    • asking for help when needed
    • being responsible for belongings


    Starpoint Central School District considers homework to be an

    important part of the total instructional program.  You can help develop good study habits by:

    • Creating a clear, undistracted spot to complete work
    • Make homework time = fun time!  It is an opportunity for your child to shine as the teacher.
    • Understand that homework does NOT always look like the traditional pencil and paper work.
    • Read 15-20 minutes nightly with your child
    • Practice reciting and spelling monthly sight words with your child
    • Have your child WRITE! WRITE! WRITE!


    Any questions, please contact me.

               Thank you for your time and support,

                       Mrs. Flores