• ‘BEE’ a STAR Program/Class Rules

    The golden tickets are an important component of our school-wide PBIS program. Our ShiningSTAR Rules encompass the PBIS expectations for students to BEE RESPECTFUL, BEE RESPONSIBLE and BEE SAFE!!

    I try to do my best!

    I am thoughtful and kind to others.

    I listen attentively.

    I stay on task-during lessons and centers

    I follow directions.

    I raise my hand instead of interrupting/calling out.

    I remember my manners.

    I try to do my own work-mind my business.

    I am truthful and honest.

    I take turns and share.

    I take care of school property.

    I use school materials/toys appropriately.

    I use my walking feet.

    I keep my hands and feet to myself.

    I give my classmates their personal space.

    I follow the fire drill procedures and playground rules.


    These rules are not just limited to the classroom, but apply to the following settings: cafeteria, specials, the bus and assemblies