• The District Technology Committee meets 3-4 times per year and is responsible for:

    • Updating and keeping the District's Technology Plan updated
    • Planning for, and approving, the efficient use of District resources in regards to technology
    • Creating and implementing the District's technology procedures for both staff & students
    • Learning about new instructional technology and the best, research based practices in the classroom


    Maureen Braunscheidel, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum Instruction & Technology

    Joe Flegal, Network Manager

    Joe Rozbicki, Technology Coordinator

    Matt Mariglia, District Technology Liaison

    Shana Puff, 21st CST, Fricano

    Erin DiCanio, Fricano Teacher

    Caitlin Grady, Fricano Teacher

    Marie Kilmer, Fricano Teacher

    Jenna DeRosa, RIS Teacher

    Mike Luick, 21st CST, RIS

    Karen Fish, RIS Teacher

    Natalia Dungan, LMS, Middle School

    Rich Vittoria, Middle School Teacher

    Kristina Tomei, High School Teacher

    Sarah Regdos, High School Teacher

    Bonnie Larson, LMS, High School

    Michael Moran, Assitant Principal, High School

    Kara Baker, Parent Representative