2007 Alumni Baseball Game






    June 9, 2007


    Alumni Baseball game #2


    After last years inaugural alumni baseball game that ended in an 18-18 tie, this year both teams were determined to come out victorious.  This year we switched colors with the odd year graduates wearing Garnet and the even years played as Team Grey.


    It was another beautiful day for a game and the teams were greeted to a much different field with recently completed and freshly painted dugouts along with the addition of a home run fence.


    I was honored to have the field dedicated in my name prior to the game and I could not have been happier to have it done in front of so many great athletes and friends I was able to work with over the years.


    Both teams came out swinging and there were a good number of hard hit balls in all nine innings.  The game was really determined by the outstanding defense of Team Grey.  Travis Peterson (‘95 ) was voted the defensive player of the game with his outstanding glove work at third base.  Team Grey took an early lead and never looked back winning by a score of 12-3.


    The players, especially the veteran group, showed they could still get around the bases as both Jack Pittsley (‘73) and Kevin Scott (‘75) were able to score for the Grey.


    Some of the hardest hits came from Team Grey members  Jeff Cacicia (’01), Nate Taylor (’05-1b,2b,3b), Bob McKeown (’85) who hit one out of “Sark’s Park” on one bounce at the 350’ mark for a ground ruled double and Jason Knuutila(’93).  Jason, Mike Fraass (’83) and Nate Beutel (’05) all shared catcher duties and did themselves proud.


    Team Garnet had shots from Mike Giammusso (’84), Rob Pusateri (’88), Don Rankie (’80) and Josh Sidebottom(’00).  Josh and brother Adam (’02) came back to play for the first time.

    Dan Prosser(’06) a grad last year came back in his first year of eligibility with the great news he had a perfect 4.0 GPA at R.I.T. this year.  I’m sure a bunch more of you guys had 4.0’s back in your day!!


    One of the top matchups of the day came in the top of the ninth when Marc Chaffee(’05)

    was brought on to pitch in relief to face his father Russ Chaffee (’74).  After a controversial 2-2 pitch that Marc claims his dad went for, (umpire Dan Dzikoski said no to Marc’s appeal), Russ hit the 3-2 pitch up the middle for a single and bragging rights until next June 7th, 2008.(Alumni Baseball Game #3.  Mark your calendars now!!)  Keep talking the game up.  The more Spartans... the better.


    Thanks again to all who came to make this a tremendous day I will never forget.




    Additional Alumni News


    The sale of game worn “throwback baseball jerseys” went well.  At this time the shirts remaining are:

    Pinstripes with Starpoint on the front-

    Number           size

    8                      large

    12                    large

    14                    x-large

    16                    x-large

    20                    medium


    Red jerseys with star and S on left chest-

    4                      42

    7                      44

    8                      44

    10                    44

    13                    46

    14                    48

    15                    48

    17                    48

    20                    42

    21                    46


    Jerseys will still be available for $10 if anyone is interested.

    Make checks payable to Starpoint Athletics.


    Football news

    I forgot to tell some of you baseball players, who also played football while at Starpoint, that we will be having a special celebration for “50 years of football” in the fall. Since we did not have a football team our first year, this years team will be our 50th team. 

    On September 8th we host Williamsville East at 2 PM.  All former football players and their families will be admitted free for the game.  There will be prize giveaways throughout the game and half-time recognition of all returning players.  If you played football or know someone who did, I hope you can make it back to Starpoint in September.


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