2008 Alumni Baseball Game

  • June 14, 2008


    The 3rd Annual Alumni Baseball Game was another resounding success.....except for a 15 minute rain delay during batting practice, the weather turned out great and the competition was as much fun as ever. 


    The Grey Team (odd years) won the contest 15-6 with a late inning onslaught of runs.  Local sports reporters had every grey player credited with at least one hit. 


    In our three years, the odd year alumni have yet to lose.  ('06-tie, '07-won 12-3, and this year's victory). 


    The Grey Team (odd years) had strong hitting from Derek Speaker ('07), Mike Fraas ('83), and Bob McKeown ('85). 


    The Garnet Team (even years) had some big hitters as well, especially Rob Brooks ('88), who was the only alumnus to hit one out of Tom Sarkovics Field in batting practice.  Rob, Dave Morrison ('78), and Tim Sherwood ('66) were first-time players who really enjoyed the event, and are already looking forward to next year.  Tim drove all night from Georgia to make it in time to play. 


    The Grey Team had a long distance player as well.  Mike Raimondo ('01) flew in from his hometown of Las Vegas to play for the first time.  Both he and Tim had big hits that must have felt good after coming all that way. 


    We had a rematch of sorts from last year's game when Marc Chaffee ('05) came on in the 9th to pitch against his father, Russ ('74).  In 2007, Russ singled and had bragging rights all year.  This year, Marc struck his dad out on a low slider but when it got away from the catcher, Russ used his Class of '74 legs to make it safely to 1st......call it even this year.


    Kevin Scott ('75) was also on the winning side against his son, Justin ('06), and a lot of players brought their younger sons and daughters, so my plan is to have some special events for all the kids next year.


    Also, some of our "pigpen" players would prefer to stay away from white shirts next year......they are still working on getting some dirt stains out.


    Thanks to all who came.  It is always great to see all you Spartans again.  Keep in touch with our website and always feel free to call or email anytime.


    I now have alumni events for football, basketball, and baseball.  It's a great way to keep your Starpoint relationship going.  Dates for next year's events will be posted this summer. 


    With Spartan Pride,