2016 Alumni Baseball Game

  • June 11, 2016

    The 10th Alumni Baseball game was another great success.  Four players from the Class of 2015 returned to play for the Odd Year's Team and against some loyal veterans like Rob Pusateri ('88) and Russ Chaffee ('74).  Coach Sark even came out of a 12-year retirement to pitch 5 half innings.  That lasted until trainer Brian Healy & the heat ended Sark's day.  Vets Matt Miller ('12) and Alex Boyce ('07) weathered the 90 degree temperatures behind the plate.

    There was some great defense but the offense was strong showing all alumni can still hit.  Kyle Schwab hit a towering home run and 2 hits made it over the fence on one bounce.  Cory Regnet led the even team to a 9-8 victory hitting 2 triples and 2 doubles including the winning RBI in the final inning.  Liz Sarkovics and Brenda Chaffee again cooked hot dogs for the fans and players.  Hope to see everyone next year, June 10, 2017, for our next game.