2008 Alumni Game

  • Alumni Basketball

    Wednesday March 12, 2008


    The first ever Alumni Basketball Game was an outstanding success as 29 former Spartans returned to again play before a very appreciative home crowd of family, friends and current Starpoint students.

    I held two practices to help the players get ready but the results of the night showed that they are all still in great basketball shape.


    In game 1, a team made up of a mix of late ‘80’s  up to early 2000’s took on the oldest team comprised of players from’74 to ’85.  Two Starpoint Sports Wall of Fame members, Brian Graham and Jon Holden (both of the class of ’77) showed they still could play with Jon leading the team scoring 14 points.  Gary Prohaska led the rebounders and added 10 points but the “Oldest School” team fell 55-50 to the little bit “younger” group led by Shawn Latini ’97 (13 points) and Todd Conklin ’00 (10 points).  It should be noted that both Shawn and Todd are basketball coaches at Starpoint.


    The game was also used as a fundraiser for our cheerleaders and they performed for the crowd as well as ran the concessions under Coach Bonnie Fiegel.


    Game 2 started with a slam dunk contest between Jon Plail ’01 and Mike Ridge ’06.  The crowd was allowed to vote and in a close contest the winner was Jon and he was awarded an official Spartan t-shirt.


    Our second game was billed as Old School (2000-2004) versus New School (2004-2007).  Jon Plail again shined as he led the Old Schoolers to a 69 to 63 victory.  Jon led all scorers with 26,  followed by Jason Kroening ’00 with 17 and Dave Wollaber who added 13.  The New School got off to a slow start trailing 21-12 after the first quarter but came back strong closing the gap to just 3 points in the fourth quarter led by Mike Ridge with 25 and Shane Canahai who added 19 but it just wasn’t enough.


    Our trainer reported no injuries, he just had to keep them all hydrated and they all showed they still had a lot left.  The families and friends who attended were certainly entertained and really seemed to enjoy seeing our former Spartans in action again. They especially liked the game program that had old year book pictures of the players in their high school days.  The obvious difference was the length and amount of hair as well as the length of the uniform shorts!!  Everyone feels this event was a huge success for the first time trying it.  I think it will only get bigger in years to come.

    Thanks to all who played and who attended.




    Game 1

    Old/New School-Jim Blount ‘88, Fraass ‘89, Latini ‘97, Boron ‘02, Conklin ‘00, Rankie ’02, Pusateri ’88.

    Oldest School- Jon Holden ‘77 , Brian Graham ‘77, Mike Hebeler ‘83,  Dave Elliott ‘74, Mark Ruppert ‘79,  Gary Prohaska ’85,  Bob McKeown ’85.



    Game 2

    Old School-Jason Kroening ’00, Jon Plail ’01, Mike Lute ’00, Jon Castro ’04, Dave Wollaber ’01, Adam Sidebottom ’02,

    New School- Darren Vukovic ’07, Adam Schaffer ’07, Mike Scibilia ’06, Mike Ridge ’06, Mike Corbi ’07, Shane Canahai ’07, Brad Matters ’04, Chris Monaco ‘07



Team--Oldest School
Team--Old-New School
Team--Old School
Team--New School