Course Description

    • ELA 8 requires rigorous reading and writing as we explore a variety of texts. This course will cover great works of literature and historical texts that document important events from the past. English 8 will foster and develop vital reading and writing skills necessary for high school as well as laying a foundation for any creative and purposeful expression in language. Students will be required to think creatively and analytically while reading and responding to texts. Independent reading and journal responses will be assigned for homework to help reinforce the skills being taught in class.

    Classroom Expectations

    • It is very important that all students come to class on time and prepared. When students are late it negatively impacts learning. All students are expected to raise their hand before speaking and to be respectful when listening to what other classmates have to say.


    • Homework will be checked and graded for completion. Students will be expected to complete all homework assignments on time; a failure to do so will result in a deduction of points. Please check the portal, or with me, regularly to make sure you’re caught up on all assignments. This is your responsibility!


    • You will need a fully charged Chromebook each day. Additionally, we will be using earbuds for the Chromebooks for some lessons, so please keep a pair in your backpack.


    • Attendance and participation in class are critical components in understanding class material and assignments. If you miss a class it is your responsibility to make up all material that you have missed. If you miss a test or quiz, you must meet with me to figure out a time to complete the missed assessment.


    • Participation, collaboration, and a positive attitude are expected daily. I want to hear what you think, learned, enjoyed and any other connections you make in class. Your positive contributions to the class will be reflected in your grades as well as in the learning you achieve this year!


    • Grades and progress reports are posted on the parent portal and are available at any time. I will contact students and their parents if they are at risk of failing throughout the quarter. Please be sure to stay on top of required work. Late work will receive half credit. Any work that is incomplete after 7 days will receive and zero for that assignment.