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    at home art show  
    During this unusual time, our wonderful students have been creating artwork at home. 
    This is a place where they can share their artwork with their friends, teachers, and family.  Please enjoy and celebrate the efforts of the children and what they have accomplished at home.  I honestly started this as a way to share, but it has become something of a comfort to me and visitors, a way to see what the students have been doing at home, but also to SEE them!  So enjoy the artwork and the smiling faces of all the students of our school... it may be a difficult time, but seeing their smiles and knowing that they are doing well also lifts your spirits!
    Please continue to submit photos of your child's artwork with their full name to me at proot@starpointcsd.org, I will update artwork daily. 
    Thank you for your support, involvement and all that you do at home with your child.
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