Origin Story

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Art Teacher 
    Origin Story
    I was born and raised in Medina, NY as a superhero and science fiction- obsessed little boy.  I worked on my family's farm, assisting my father in difficult tasks such as driving tractor, baling hay, and shearing sheep.  Oh yeah, during this time, I also honed my artistic skills drawing my favorite comic book heroes and villains!  You may notice a theme of my favorite superhero on my site and in my classroom.  (my childhood goal of illustrating comic books would go unrealized, but my lifelong love of superheroes persists!)
    My college years were spent at Buffalo State College, originally as a Graphic Design major, but in a plot twist that changed the course of my life, I took an Art Education elective and was inspired to share my love of art with others.  I enjoyed learning about art history and incorporate that in all of my lessons.
    Upon graduation, I spent a short time employed as Art Teacher at Riverview Elementary in Tonawanda and then was lucky enough to gain employment here at Starpoint way, WAAAAY back in 1997 (yes, I am THAT OLD!!!). My family left Medina and joined the wonderful Starpoint Community in 2016, so that my son could enjoy the inspiring educational experience and team of teachers that our school district provides.
    Unfortunately, much to my chagrin, I was not given any super powers, but I do have great wit and charm (in my own opinion!).  I have a good sense of humor and a total lack of shame.  But, most of all, I do believe that I have a gift for connecting with students and making the world of art come alive!  My own immature interests allow me to engage students, make connections, and provide a fun, but meaningful experience.  It is my hope that all of that allows your child to feel free to express him/herself in my art room.
    According to my wife, I am funny, but not as funny as I think I am!  Plus, if you are reading this, you could probably guess, I tend to be long-winded!
    These are a few of my favorite things...
    • spending time with my family
    • obviously, superheroes- especially Batman!
    • playing and watching basketball
    • reading (science fiction, superheroes, Greek Mythology are some of my favorite topics)

    Lego Batman Family Picture