2012 Alumni Game

  • Fifth Annual Alumni Basketball Game

    Wednesday March 14, 2012


    Our 5th annual Alumni Basketball Game was by all accounts another successful night.  This year we changed the format as we had 20 players attending.  2 teams of 10 were picked and two 20 minute halves were played and as always, the game was very competitive.  Team Red held a 7 point half-time lead led by Nick Boron's ('02) 12 points.  Shawn Latini ('97) and Mike Corbi ('07) kept the white team in striking distance. 


    At half-time, we had our annual 3-point shooting contest.  All players participated but it came down to Alex Rankie ('11) from Team White against Dave Carter ('06) representing the Reds.  Dave was the eventual winner in a close contest and received the 3-point trophy.


    The second half saw a strong comeback by the White Team led by Brendan Reinert ('10) scoring 8 of his 12 points and Cody Longwell ('11) adding 10 more to his game-high of 15.  The final was Team White 67, Team Red 61.  All the players had a great time as did family and friends who came to support them. 

Team Red
Team White
Dave Carter--3 Point Champion
Alumni Fans