• Class Materials-  The instructor will provide necessary study guides. Students should bring all the materials to class that are needed to work on projects or assignments.  This includes pens, pencils, textbooks, notebooks, etc.   Students are required to bring their Chrome Books charged to school every day they are here.


    Textbook- The regular classroom textbook will be used.  I will also supply study guides, graphic organizers, and use certain computer programs to enhance learning.


    Homework Policy- I will assign the student to stay 10th period to make up homework if he/she falls behind and is not able to keep up with the classroom assignments.  I will inform the parents if this is necessary. I have all the homework assignments posted on Google Classroom.   The code is jd2qa2m


    Cell Phone Policy-  The students must ask the teacher for permission each time they want to use their cell phone. It is to be out of sight during instruction


    Grades-  Students are graded on performance in their scheduled classes.  This can include tests, homework, participation,etc.  


    Student is Absent - Students must obtain all work missed, which they can obtain from me, as I keep copies.