Course Description:

    Students develop engineering and design skills by participating in a series of problem-solving activities and contests throughout the course. This course is a hands-on experience of basic robotics. Concepts dealing with electricity, electronics, mechanics, engineering, and manufacturing will be learned.


    Course Objectives:  Students enrolled in this course can expect to…

    • Safely plan, use, and manage technological systems to solve complex design problems.
    • Successfully design, build, wire, and test robots.
    • Demonstrate their problem solving abilities throughout the technological design process (frame the problem, conduct research, develop possible solutions, select a solution, construct the solution, test the solution, redesign for improvements, and reflect & communicate).
    • Successfully apply their understanding of STEM concepts to solve technological design challenges.


    Content: Course content may include, but is not limited to…

    Unit Overview

    Engineering Concept/Idea

    Introduction to Technology/Transportation

    Laboratory Safety

    What is technology? What is robotics?

    Technological/Engineering Design Process

    Technological Systems Model

    Safety Rules, Procedures & Assessments

    King of the Hill Robots

    Gear Ratios

    Basic Electricity and Wiring


    Sumo/Capture the Flag Robots

    Electricity & Electronics

    Series & Parallel Circuits


    Mechanical Arms

    Fluid Pressure