• Starpoint Central School District Vision & Goals


    Vision for Technology Use:

    The Starpoint CSD will create an environment where educators and students are empowered to improve learning outcomes through the ethical use of technology.  

    District Technology Goals:

    The Starpoint Technology Committee has developed the Starpoint Technology Goals 2018-2021 for using telecommunications and technology to improve teaching and learning based on the ISTE (International Society of Technology Education) Standards.

    The Major District Technology Goals for 2018 – 2021

    • Empower students to ethically use a variety of technological tools to broaden their perspectives and enrich their learning by collaborating and working effectively in a global community.
    • Staff will utilize technology to deliver instruction, enhance communication, and promote positive collaboration, while providing students with the necessary tools to become lifelong learners. 
    • Utilize a staff survey to develop and provide ongoing, differentiated professional development necessary for teachers to confidently deliver high quality instruction in accordance with federal and state standards. 
    • Provide opportunities for the community to engage in technological experiences in a school setting as well as enhancing the ability to communicate outside of school.
    • The Technology Infrastructure will support the integration of devices necessary for enhanced student learning, school security, and communication resources.  This system should also be able to accommodate new and emerging technologies, mitigate security threats and grow with the educational and administrative needs of the district.