Monday 4/8

    Tuesday 4/9

    Wednesday 4/10

    Thursday 4/11

    Friday 4/12


    (Social Studies)

     Britain HW

    Pearl Harbor HW 

    Homefront DBQ Questions

    E- Text 14.2 Read and quiz (due Friday)






    None  None (test) None (test)  None


    (Math 8)

    HW #104: Solving Equations Review Worksheet


    HW #105: Solving Systems of Equations Review Worksheet

    HW #106: Linear/Nonlinear Functions Review Worksheet

    HW #107: Exponent Rules and Scientific Notation Review Worksheet

    HW #108: Transformations Review Worksheet

    TTM Lesson #25 (#2) due today!



    HW #117: Worksheets - Transforming the Quadratic Functions

     HW #118: Comparing Quadratic, Square Root, and Cube Root Functions Worksheet

    Collect Units #2 and #3 and hand out Units #4 and #5 Review Packets - due Tuesday 4/30


    HW #119: Review Sheet - Test #7 Check solutions on Team website when completed.

    Continue to Review for Test #7

    Continue working on Unit #4 and #5 Review Packets - due Tuesday 4/30



     No HW

     Dichotomous Key   No HW   Natural Selection   No HW


    (Earth Science)

     Boundary Lab   No HW  Plate boundary Worksheet  CL - Plate Tectonics #2  Quiz Plate Tectonics. No HW over break! 



     Work on proficiency conversation

     No homework

     Finish p. 226-227 in the unit 8 packet

     p. 228 #8 in the unit 8 packet


     No homework.



     Work on proficiency conversation and p. 21 Proficiency packet

     NO homework

     Finish review sheet, check with key and study for unit 5 test

     unit 6, paso 1  vocabulary list

     No homework.