• Professional development for educators encompasses an extremely broad range of topics and formats. Professional-development experiences may be funded by district, school, or state budgets and programs, or they may be supported by a foundation grant or other private funding source. They may range from a one-day conference to a two-week workshop to a multiyear advanced-degree program. They may be delivered in person or online, during the school day or outside of normal school hours, and through one-on-one interactions or in group situations. And they may be led and facilitated by educators within a school or provided by outside consultants or organizations hired by a school or district. Starpoint Central School District supports the continuing education and professional development of its faculty and staff through a variety of experiences and formats.  (Adapted from The Glossary of Educational Reform)


    PDF:  Starpoint CSD Professional Development

    LINK:  21-22 Professional Development Feedback Form