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    Course syllabus


    Teacher: Mrs. Kelly Tomasello                       Room #: L-17 Office Hours: Monday & Wednesday


    About the Course: This class is a half year, half credit course that you will attend everyday during the second semester. This course will mainly focus on the creative aspects of fashion design through the elements and principles of design. Students will complete sketches inspired from nature, upcycle an item of clothing, design their own fashion company logo and theme, and will design and create one final item or accessory from unique materials.


    Required supplies:


    9 x 12 or smaller Sketchbook

    (I recommend a spiral bound sketchbook with a lined area for jotting fashion info)



    Class assignments (Design journal (sketchbook), sketches, mini projects) = 20%

    Participation & effort  (attendance, work ethic, ambition, focus, drive, initiative, resourcefulness) = 20%

    Projects (based on rubric) = 60%

    Late work will be penalized 3 points per day late. If you were absent for any reason, you must use my office hours days to make sure the project is completed on time. It is the teacher’s discretion to allow more time.


    Design Journal:  Your design journal is to be turned in every Monday. Your journal is your sketchbook and you will be turning in a weekly assignment for a grade. The assignments will be self guided and are a great way for you to discover your own design process. You will begin to discover your style by recognizing common sources of inspiration such as recurring themes, your use of elements and principles of design, and the material and color/pattern choices you are drawn to.


    Your weekly designs can be a mix of collage, sketching, and writing.

    If you see something that inspires you - find a way to add it to your sketchbook. Can you glue it in, take a photo, sketch it?

    Your journal assignment can also be used as a way of research. What careers are there in the fashion business? How can I create my own company?

    How do designers draw inspiration from our natural world? How can I upcycle an old clothing item into something new?